Make Money With Google Adsense (2019)

Follow my blog with BloglovinHere are a few strategies if you are looking to make money with Google Adsense. If you have website traffic you can admake cash with google adsense google adsense to your website and make money when visitors click the ads on your site.

You can make money with Google Adsense.

It seems like every day a new program pops up on the net that claims to be the best method to make cash online but there is one way that people have been using for some time successfully.

Of course you have probably even seen programs online that present you with the information and knowledge that we are going to present you with here.

The technique we are talking about is taking advantage of Google Adsense in order to earn an income, and this is a lot more powerful than many men and women believe.

Get a website if you don’t have one.

If you currently have your own website you’re halfway there, however if you do not, you can get hosting and also a domain name for about $10.00 a month.

make cash with google adsenseOnce you choose a company for your website and hosting most likely you’ll receive information on precisely how to access your cPanel.

The cPanel is really going to make it extremely easy for you to set up your very own blog directly on your domain name.

It can be a little tricky to install this but you’ll have the ability to find videos on YouTube that offers you the information you will need to accomplish this.

It is vitally important to use this blogging platform as Google likes this a lot more than the other platforms and it’s easy to optimize with the plug ins available.

Word Press and Word Press Plug ins

When you get the word press platform installed on your domain it’s time to look for plug ins that are going to help you rank your content in the various search engines.

In order to make sure that you are properly optimizing your posts for the search engines I suggest you obtain the all in one SEO plug in.

There’s yet another plug and that’s incredibly important and it’s known as the Google XML site map plug in, and this will stop you from having to rebuild your own site map every time you produce a new post.

Write quality contentmake cash with google adsense

Start publishing quality content on your site once you have published 10 or more quality articles you are going to want to apply to adsense.

Once approved add Adsense advertisements on your blog that people can click on to help you make money. The first sort of advertisement you’re going to want to add is a skyscraper so this will be the first one you create with Google.

After you obtain the AdSense code for this advertisement all you have to do is add it to a widget in one of your sidebars. Once you have the code on your site you will be able to start making cash with google adsense

Keep producing quality content

At this time the one and only thing left to do is to keep producing content for your blog and posting it, and in addition including Adsense advertisements within the content of your post.

You are naturally not going to want to be putting skyscraper advertisements in your content, so you’ll have to make new ad codes through Google for rectangular or square ads.

Remember that it’s vitally important to update your blogs regularly. You need to also begin building website links to each post you create.

Once your content starts to get traffic you will start to make money with google adsense

Familiarize yourself with Adsense Policies

Once approved for adsense you are not going to want to do anything that might cause you to lose it. Familiarize yourself with all adsense policies. Make sure you follow the policies or risk loosing adsense.

Violating adsense policy can result in lifetime ban.

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