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best possible email copyDo you want to improve the marketing copy for your email marketing campaigns? If so you are at the right place. All you need to do is read this article and put some or all of the information written here into your email copy.

Having a thorough knowledge of your audience is essential for email marketing.

The better you understand your audience’s needs and concerns, the more effective your promotional efforts will be.

Sending out the right offers to your list and making your offer convert will only happen when you’re aware of your target market.

However, that’s not the only thing that plays a role in the success of your email marketing campaign.

You also have to make sure your email copy is effective at convincing your readers to take advantage of your offers.

If you’re looking for ways to make your emails convert better, make sure you apply the following copywriting strategies.

Subject Line

Your subject line is obviously critical for getting people to open your emails. What happens after they open it? You need a headline to keep them reading.

We know that headlines are used in direct mail, and on sales pages, but they can also be used in emails. It’s one of the vital factors that makes your email successful. Getting this right will definately improve the marketing copy for your email.

A headline gives your whole email more power and will make more people read it. Headlines are just as critical as subject lines if you want your messages to be read by more people. The headline should follow up with the subject and give the reader a benefit, ask a question or just be copy


Testing needs to be an integral part of your total email marketing strategy. It’s important to do a variety of tests on your email copy if you want to help email marketing work in your favor. From your subject line to your headline to your call to action–it all needs to be tested.

You can truly achieve a better rate of conversion when you effectively test your copy. This is what shows you what works and what doesn’t. It is important to understand precisely how your target audience thinks. Finally–you’ll be in a far better position to actually improve the marketing copy for your email marketing campaigns.

Single Offer

If an email can do a good job at converting your audience on a single offer, that’s enough; don’t try to do more than this when creating the best possible email copy.

You may have several offers in mind, but if you try to stuff them all into one email, the result will only be confusion. Don’t offer readers a free report while also asking them to sign up for a free trial of your software as well as giving them the benefits of your new membership site!

Understand that your readers need clarity just the way you need clarity when writing the copy. One clear offer in your email is much better than a few different ones. Your copy only has to convince the reader to act on one particular offer; anything beyond this will be counterproductive. You want to make it as easy as possible for your prospects to act.

Quick Summary

Successful email marketing requires you to develop some copywriting abilities. So there’s no reason why you should avoid giving it your best shot. If you want to get higher conversions from your email marketing, it’s crucial to learn how to improve your copy.

The best copywriters also know that testing is essential, so always be willing to try something new. Use these guidelines when you write your copy, and they will serve you well. Analyze the results that you get and as you move ahead, tweak your copy. Always pay close attention to the results you get, as this tells you where changes are needed.

Testimonials Are Part Of Creating The Best Email Copy

Copywriting is an age-old profession and has been going on for a long time now. There is no more profitable skill to have as an internet marketer than copywriting.

Given below are a few tips that will help you make your copywriting better. Don’t you think that the person reading your copy can benefit from what you are selling with your sales copy?

As part of your copywriting skills you need to know how to write in a trustworthy and believable tone of voice. In other words, you need to support your copy with testimonials from other customers and experts in your field.

Even if your the best copywriter on the planet, your conversion rate will only increase if you insert customer testimonials and expert testimonials into your beautiful copy.

You are more likely to trust something other people have found trustworthy–it is human nature to need proof. Talk to your existing clients and ask them for honest testimonials that you can use in your product’s sales letter.

You could even ask them for a video or an audio testimonial (if that is something they feel comfortable giving you) which your new prospects will find more convincing than the traditional text testimonial.

If you don’t have previous customers, you can send out your product to other experts in your niche and ask them to review it.

Once they have tried out your product all you have to do is ask them to give you a testimonial so that you can use it in your copy. Having testimonials from experts in your field will help your credibility grow and increase your sales–there is proof of this.

Money Back Guarantees

In order to make sure that you close the deal you have to make the customer feel comfortable. You have to make them feel comfortable buying something. And what is the best way to do that? Offering buyers a 100% money back guarantee to show that you believe in your product.

This shows a conviction in the product you are selling and that you know it will benefit your customers. Doing this will help your customers relax because they won’t feel like their money is at risk.

Many copywriters worry that doing this will lower their profits. But it’s actually the other way round, your business will improve and you’ll end up making a lot more sales.

You will need to figure out a good maturation period for your “risk free guarantee”. The most common is the thirty-day guarantee but you can use any period of time that you feel comfortable using.

But it has been proven that the longer your guarantee is, the lower will be the chances of the customer actually asking for a refund.

The “ADIA Formula”

Always remember the AIDA formula when you’re creating your sales letter. You can increase the effectiveness of your copy by guiding your readers through this four part process.

The formula stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and your goal is to get their attention and then interest, make them desire something and then lead them to action.

This method of writing a sales copy has been tried and tested; it tends to give great results. Once you perfect your copywriting skill, you’ll see great progress in your Internet marketing business.

So practice your copywriting and you’ll find that your skills and profits will consistently improve the marketing copy for your email marketing.


You can use copywriting techniques even in situations that don’t directly involve writing. For example, if you’re going to talk to somebody you can benefit by writing out a script of some kind.

You should therefore strive to become a skilled copywriter no matter what your business model might be. So take a close look at the copywriting tips I’ve been sharing in this article and see how they might help you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new structures and techniques from time to time. Even if something seems outlandish, it never hurts to experiment.

Even if your idea doesn’t pan out, there are plenty of others you can try until you find something that hits the mark. A new approach will often make people take notice.

If you’re really good, you can hold onto their attention for the duration of your message. So unleash your creativity and don’t feel compelled to imitate everyone else’s methods. Doing this can also help your business achieve some visibility in the marketplace.


You need to keep reading. You have probably heard that to be a good writer you need to be a reader. You hear this because it is true. It’s about learning how to understand the language, and convey it in written form.

If you want people to hire you, or sell more products, this type of training is necessary. So you should go on the Internet and read websites, books and whatever you can find. If you want to do this, you have to read sales copy too.

To sell convincingly to the general public, this is one way to accomplish this goal. If you want to be proficient at writing the best possible email copy for your product or service, this is what you need to do to improve the marketing copy for your email marketing

Ask For Feedback

Ask other people what they think of your copywriting. While the opinions of expert copywriters can be valuable, so can the reactions of ordinary people. When someone makes a suggestion, it’s important that you really consider it.

If your first instinct is to reject their suggestions, try to see beyond this. After all, you asked people for feedback. Take every suggestion seriously, as it could turn out to be very helpful. If they tell you to improve something, try it.

If you’re told that something doesn’t work in your copy, try taking it out. If you’re told that you have to explain something more clearly, do what you can to clarify it. People will respect your willingness to listen to advice. Asking people to read your copy can even help you find more clients!

Find Examples The Best Possible Email Copy

Anyone who goes into business is going to have to learn, at the very least, the basics of copywriting eventually. The great news is that, when you’re willing to work hard at it, there is no doubt that you’ll get really good at copywriting.

Here’s the truth: everybody who wants to work hard can get to this point. You just can’t give up. These tips are just the beginning. The more work you put into them, the more you will be able to learn.

It is possible to get a blank stare, or the rolling of the eyes, when you mention email copywriting to some people. Although this can happen, never think that because of this response that your ability to improve is not possible. If you have done copywriting in the past, specially for your own sites, you probably have some experience.

Improving your skills can also happen by subscribing to Internet gurus which have email lists available. Don’t wander too far from the norm and be careful of what you learn. If their email list targets different people, then you will have to modify what you learn to target your own audience.

Don’t Try To Be Clever

When you do email marketing, your only objective with each email that you send out is to have people click and follow each link. Yes, you want to provide good information, etc, but your most desired response is to get the click through.

There is no need to be excessively clever or original. People will see right through you, especially if you are trying to be too cute about this. You really want people to absolutely need more information about what you just wrote.

Any story that you tell, especially with emotions and benefits, can help generate the click. After people click through to your money site, you don’t want them to feel wanting, which can happen if your story over embellished everything. Basically, we’ve been hanging wanting more, and you’ll be fine.

Copy First Then Subject Line

If you want to, here is a strategy you can try out, especially if you are doing a one time mailing or email series in the near future. The strategy requires you to write your email copy first, then the subject line.

By doing this, you will have a mindset that will be focused on what you were writing. When it comes to email subject lines, a few seconds is all you get.

Competition is definitely fierce within an inbox, as people try to get you to open their emails. This is why you have to be so effective. Basically, once you have done the email body, take the most potent points and concoct your subject line that way.

Call To Action

Have you heard of a “call to action”. This is something you put in your email to get people to do something. You need to be creative, and do something outside of the box.

Basically what this is telling people is that, on the other side of the link, there are benefits that are waiting for them. It is possible that they could save money and time with the benefits you have to offer. If this is true, tell them that! You want them to click the link – that is what the action is, and that you are motivating them to do in a creative way.

This call of action is no different from dangling food in front of a horse – you are telling them about benefits that they can only access by taking action. Some will say that email copywriting is an art form, and there are some grains of truth in that.

There are important lessons that need to be learned and processed when you try to do this. It just takes a little bit of time in the proverbial “trenches” of email copywriting to get the knack of how to do this well.


Getting your online business up and running is something that you probably need to do. It is important when just starting out to get things moving fast. This has been done countless times by other people so you should not lack confidence about getting this done. There’s a lot of work that you will have to do.

Your marketing copy and messages have to be just right for this to work. You can focus on your writing, and also learn tricks of the trade at the same time.

You have to know when and how to use these tricks, and there are many to choose from. Fortunately for you, you have found the right information. Let’s keep looking at ways to make your marketing and conversions very successful.

People that seem to be untrustworthy, regardless of what is going on, tend to be avoided. It is important that you write your marketing messages in a natural way every time you do them.

If you are trying to brand yourself and your business, it is important to always be consistent with the messages you write. Anyone that can be consistent and reliable, especially when you write, will allow everyone to get to know them very easily.

They will feel like they know you, but only if you allow yourself to be yourself. The roots of relationships and trust are built into doing things just like this. When you look at the basis for any successful online business, relationships and trust play a huge role.

Know The Answers To Customers Questions

Easily the most effective marketing tool you have is the ability to write posts that directly tap into what your audience is thinking. You can use this to your advantage when creating marketing messages. Include answers to any questions they have as part of your message.

When marketing a product, aim at finding a few common questions that may arise. Then work on including them in pre-selling copy you write, or put them on your sales copy somewhere. Don’t underestimate the effect this approach has, especially if you’re honest about the answers you provide.

Males and Females

Every market will have both males and females as part of the demographic, but there are those that will have more of one over the other. Your marketing needs to appeal to the primary gender present within your market.

A male trying to appeal to an audience that is 90% female might struggle to sound natural. This is because there’s often a vast different in the way men and women process information.

For instance, men tend to prefer to see facts and figures about things to explain details. By comparison, women prefer to understand the benefits rather than the boring details. This is just a generalization, but in most cases you’ll find it’s true.

Always Be Trying To Improve Your Copy

You’ll find plenty of skills that can be easily learned to help improve your marketing copy. Working on ways to improve the marketing  copy for your email  can be crucial to all of this. If you really want to take your business to a high level of success, then take the initiative to learn whatever skills are necessary to get you there.

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