Do You Want To Write Better Emails

Do you want to write better emails? Do you know what email copy is? Copywriting can be hard to get right when write better email copyyou are new to email marketing.

Improve your copywriting starting now, after you read this article you’ll have the knowledge to write better emails. So Let’s get started.

There are many stories about how, to make money online, the list is where it’s at. It is important to be very good at email copywriting, especially if you want online success.

Perhaps you think you should not start a list because you do not know how to write. This is something you should erase from your mind!

Before we get into writing email copy I want to make sure you know what email marketing is, what copy is, then I’ll talk about copywriting.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is promoting products or services to a list of email subscribers. For the purposes of this article I am assuming that you have already started building your own list and want to learn how to write better emails for it.

What is Copy and Copywriting?

Wikipedia says, Copywriting is the act, or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Lets start learning how to write better email copy.

To Image Not To Image, Is That A Question?

When emails have images, you have to look at them by doing different things. Images are typically not view able in standard default mode. This is true for smart phones and emails clients.

In my email client, I have to click on a bar to make the images view able. So you have to wonder how many people bother to look at images in the first place. If this is actually going on, adding images or graphics to your email may not be that beneficial.

If you want to do this, then that is fine but be smart about what you do. If you want to, you can discuss the image in the email copy as well. When people see you talking about it, they might find the image more important.

Subject Line Is The Hardest Part

To sell your email to the recipient, you only have 50 characters to get this done. That’s not much but the subject line has the hardest part to do in your entire email. Capturing the attention of the recipient is not the only thing the subject line in an email must do – it must get the click!

It is important to find the right strategies. Some work better than others. Through testing, you will find the ones that work best. It is imperative that you try to be truthful with everything that you do.

People should want to know more about your emails – give them a reason to want more. If you really want to have success, the email body and the subject line must really work together.

write better email copy

Call To Action

Each e-mail that you send should have a built-in call to action, asking them to click on a link and go to a certain URL.

Of course, you should send some e-mails that are not commercial at all. But you know the deal with email list marketing and many of your emails will have a link.

Forget thinking about what people might want you to do, and simply do what you feel is correct.

Don’t Be A Spammer It Sucks

If you use moderation, and common sense, you should be just fine. You need to avoid using too many calls to action within a single piece of copy.

The reader will not appreciate it. All you really need to do is give it a shot. After a while, you will find the proper balance for sending out e-mails, and develop your own sense of good marketing judgment.

Depending upon the skills that you currently have in regard to email copywriting, it might take you a while to become proficient. It is no secret that by learning, and doing, you will become better with anything you try. All you have to do is take action, and you will reach your goals in no time.

Transform Your Marketing Copy

Do you have a new online business? Pulling it up by the proverbial bootstraps may be something you need to do.

Feel free to be confident about doing that because it has been done countless times by others. There’s a lot of work that you will have to do.

But just know that it is your marketing copy and overall messages that have to be right. It is possible to simultaneously learn new tricks and focus on your writing too.

Be Truthful Be Yourself

If a person is disingenuous, regardless of the situation, people will tend to avoid these individuals. When it comes down to writing your marketing messages, be yourself and be natural all the time.

If you can be consistent with your messages, then you will be able to brand your business very easily. Everyone that read your writings will get to know you, as long as you are reliable and consistent in what you do.

If you do this, people will get to know you. It’s all about representing yourself in an honest way. When it comes to the foundation of trust and relationships online, this is how you do it. The basis for any successful business is staying connected plus being trustworthy.

Dishonesty Affects Our Whole Market

All the businesses and marketers who have lied to buyers have made it quite difficult for honest sellers to turn a profit.write better email copy Support every claim you make with facts–it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

One easy thing is to provide references for assertions about anything. Rather than staying, studies show, and nothing else; give links to the studies online.

Offer up professional references whenever you can as well as experts who have talked about your subject matter. You should always try to cite your sources and website–especially if they are experts like university and government level sources.

This is the best way to increase your credibility with your audience.

Be Honest, Be Honest, Have Integrity

No matter who you might be dealing with, honesty is always the best policy. Most people have an easier time knowing this than they do doing it. When you’re building a business, there is always the fear that you will lose your customers and buyers.

When you are preselling anything, this is the time when you must be upfront about everything. A good product won’t be without its problems, it will probably just have fewer problems than a bad product will.

So, don’t try to hide the flaws; after all, people will probably already know that they exist. This means that talking about the problems isn’t just a good idea, it is what will help you build trust with your potential buyers.

Tips to Boost Your Copywriting Effectiveness

Copywriting is something that people study for years to become good at, but the benefits make it worth the effort. We will now discuss some proven methods that you can use to improve your own copy.

Copywriting really comes down to properly using emotions in the words you write. First of all, the reader should be given a reason to buy the product from your copy.

Most of the time, purchases are made on the spur of the moment. They decide to make a purchase based on what their emotions are telling them.

You Have To Connect With Emotions

Your strategy, then, is to make your potential customers aware of the advantages of this product and the ways it can transform their lives for the better. If you want your prospect to buy your product, you have to be able to connect with them emotionally with your sales copy.

Don’t make the mistake that many new copywriters make and write copy that reads like a student’s book report. Your prospects should get excited and start believing in your product after reading your words.

But make sure you’re not using any negative emotions here because you want your copy to be positive. You have to find the right words that will put your potential customers into a shopping mode.

Headlines Matter Most

As a copywriter you should always focus on writing great headlines. You definitely have to be able to do this well if you want your copy to convert.

A good headline is essential if you want people to respond to your copy. Headlines are what catch the readers eye first, before they even know what your piece is about. If the headline is enticing and invokes interest, then they read further.

That’s why you should carefully craft your headlines so they are just right. The best technique is to test several headlines to find out which one is most effective. Regular testing is the only way you can know which headline gives you the best results.

There will be times when your conversion rate will fluctuate, at such times try a new headline that you think is more effective. You’ll get higher conversions the more effort you put into creating good headlines.

Pay attention to any headline that convert well, and use it as a model when writing headlines for other copy. Once you have a few high converting headlines, you can create a swap file that can be used for any of your sales copy.

Use Action Words

Remember to use the kind of words that will make your prospects want to act. You want to use language that inspires, and also use “you” a lot so they know it’s about them.

If you can make readers feel a little better about themselves as well as about your product, your sales letter did its job. They have to understand how, by purchasing your product, some need of theirs will be filled or some problem taken care of.

Be genuine in your approach and don’t hype things up just to make them feel good.

You want to appeal to their emotions, but you also want to give some factual benefits about your product.

Overall, put in the time and effort to sharpen your copywriting skills and you’ll see a definite increase in sales numbers as well as a boost in your online business.

Improve Your Copywriting To Get Conversions

Copywriting is really the key to a profitable email marketing campaign. Your conversion rate depends mostly on having copy that is compelling to your recipients.

It’s one thing to do a mass mailing to your list, but your emails must first be opened before they can have any impact. Getting them to open it is only half the battle, of course; you still have to convince them to take action.

The effectiveness of your email really comes down to your copywriting abilities. You want to make readers interested and compelled to take the next step. Not everyone realizes it, but email marketing demands some solid copywriting abilities.

If you want to see better results from your email marketing efforts, remember to apply the following email copywriting techniques.

Let People Know What They Need And Why

The whole point of sending out promotional campaigns to your email list, you are going to want to convince them to take some real action. In order to actually achieve this, you can’t just talk about features and not talk about benefits.

Selling something offline is no different from doing it online. Your email should convince your prospects that it’s something they need. You need to make sure, then, that you create advantage focused copy.

You can follow a format where each feature is followed by a benefit. This is a proven method of showing your email readers just what they get when they choose your offer.

Call To Action Should Be Easy To Find

Readers should not have to search to find your call to action in your emails. Keep it high on the page so it can be seen immediately. What position would be okay? It should preferably be within the amount of copy that the recipient sees in his/her preview pane.

It doesn’t make sense to place the call to action in an obscure area when this is crucial to your results. If it’s not clear right away what you want from readers, many won’t bother to scroll down to find out. Make sure they can easily see this crucial element without having to look for it.

Don’t Be A Salesman, Be A Helper

When you write your copy, don’t try to sell a product directly, but concentrate on your offer. Whatever you want your reader to do, whether it’s sign up for your trial, join your webinar, download your e book -focus on the offer.

In cases where your email is designed to sell rather than pre-sell your product, then of course the product is your offer. Either way, the purpose of your copy is to persuade people about your offer.

Your copy should give readers a sense of urgency in regard to your offer. You don’t want to distract the reader with anything irrelevant, so make your offer central at all times. The purpose of your copy is to sell your offer, nothing else.

Skills Get Better With Practice

Remember that the ability to craft solid email copy is a skill, but it is a skill you can learn to do. As has been said, more than anything else you have to let people get to know you.

You can write emails without knowing about copywriting, but you will find that you are handicapping your self. Not only do you ideally need to understand the best way to talk to people through copy, but there are things to learn that are unique to emails.

What we have shared with you will make a difference but only if you allow it to do so.

The more you learn about creating highly powerful marketing content, the bigger a difference you will see in your business.

You’re tracking metrics are going to be the best place to see these differences. Your bounce rates will come down, people will stay longer and come back, and your conversions will climb.

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